Chris Noles

My name is Chris Noles, and I am the founder and President of Beyond Computer Solutions. I have been using technology all of my life, and I am here to help you use technology to grow and protect your business.

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Keep Your IT New Year’s Resolution:

Sophisticated technology powers most of today’s businesses—large or small, across all industries. Tech innovations are happening so fast, it’s easy to fall behind the competition. But maintaining and managing an internal IT department does not come cheap, in dollars or resources. To the rescue? Managed services.

Future Trends In IT Outsourcing

There are two pieces of technology currently converging that will allow IT outsourcing to take on new shapes and forms in the decades ahead. We’re already seeing it in practice in its primitive form. Those trends will continue as the technology continues to advance and improve.

Area company wins Comcast award

Comcast Business has selected Austell-based Beyond Computer Solutions as an Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs regional winner. Comcast Business chose two winners across Georgia as part of the competition, which awards more than $600,000 nationwide in cash and services to aspiring entrepreneurs who are leveraging technology to enhance customer and employee experiences.

How Disaster Recovery Can Save You From, Well, Disaster!

Disaster recovery isn’t one of those things you usually spend a lot of time thinking about. In fact, for more business owners than would probably admit it, about the first time you gave serious thought to the notion of disaster recovery was the time you actually needed to recover from a disaster, and of course, at that point, it was too late to make any difference.