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Save Time & Money, Get Agile & Efficient

You’re a small business owner. So, you’re probably used to making trade-offs. Work-life balance for business growth. Predictability for entrepreneurship. Sound familiar?
And of all the trade-offs, there’s no bigger one than between time and money. You either spend the time doing your own marketing, or pay someone else to do it. Do your own taxes, or hire an accountant. Handle and maintain your own IT system, or contract it to a Managed Service Provider.
Nowadays, it’s rare in business that you can save both time and money. But, what if you can in a way to bring people, processes and technology together … all done to better align and enhance your small business culture?
Well, you can … with the right collaboration tools for business. And, with the right partner to help you acquire those tools and other IT service technologies that your larger competitors already use. Yet, at a much lesser expense.
You see … with a Managed Service Provider [MSP] and remote collaboration tools, there’s no need for trade-offs. This techno blend does save you both time and money. You become more agile; more efficient running your business.
Saving Time
Group collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Office 365, reduce the essential work to manage your IT infrastructure, especially in combination with a trusted MSP. Working with your MSP, you can migrate over to collaboration tools in little to absolutely no downtime to:

  • Easily add and manage user accounts.
  • Implement a new web-based management portal specifically designed for organizations with less than 10 users.
  • Connect with everyone in your office with instant messaging.
  • Share files and documents … anytime, anywhere.
  • Stay away from installing on-premise servers, as well as that one for email. [Spam filtering & antivirus protection included!]
  • Pay no attention to managing software licenses.
  • Spend zero time worrying about securing your system.

Your MSP already knows that a cloud collaboration tool is where it’s at. It’s a subscription service. And, like any utility, such as your electricity or water or cable, you pay a predictable, monthly cost. That cost is based on your actual usage of the service. And, you get the latest software updates.
What’s more, using the power of a cloud solution, businesses like yours can now have access to enterprise-level online collaborative tools. Before, only large businesses could afford such a technological luxury.
Saving Money
In addition to saving you time, online office collaboration tools can save your small business money. This is done by reducing the need for in-house technology equipment and maintenance.
Just leave it in the trusted and nimble hands of a skilled partner to keep it maintained.
That means, you no longer need to purchase servers and software. Therefore, you reduce your capital costs. And, with a smaller infrastructure managed by an MSP, your administrative costs are greatly decreased.
In addition to reducing IT expenses, implementing group collaboration tools substantially:

  • Increases your productivity.
  • Reduces your need for travel.
  • Effectively increases reliability by using project collaboration tools, such as:
    • SharePoint Online—you can set up a central portal for document storage. This can reduce the time it takes for your employees to find critical information.
    • Lync Online, Cisco WebEx & PGI—you can replace in-person meetings with web conferences. This gives you a more time-effective way to share complex information, such as contracts, security issues, and others ways to ultimately create more revenue for your business.

It’s a Win-Win for Your Business
With the features and benefits of such productivity applications, there are no trade-offs. Unlike many of the time-money choices you must face, an MSP + online office collaboration tools add up to both saved time + saved money.
And, that means you can focus more on business agility, efficiency and productivity … as well as fattening the bottom line.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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