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Cybersecurity Incident Response

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Without effective management, data security incidents are chaotic excercises in crisis management.  Many of our clients come to us for Cybersecurity Incident Response after their IT person or team is already burned out from spending a minimum of a week trying to stop a cyberattack.  

IT professionals cannot handle the communications, legal requirements, technical requirements, technical containment and remediation that is essential to minimizing the impact of being hacked (National Center for the Middle Market).

Over 60% of small businesses will go out of business within six months of being breached.  This is usually because they don’t have a qualified breach response firm handling their needs properly, leading to “unforced errors” that cost too much to bear.

We can help by providing a managed approach to incident response that begins with an investigation.  We routinely support our incident response clients by coordinating crisis efforts that include evidence collection, containment and remediation of the intrusion, and communications with law enforcement.

Our battle tested team has nearly a decade of experience helping organizations stop a cyberattack and minimize the risk of it happening again!

If your organization experiences a data breach, the most important thing you can do is react quickly and appropriately.  Ignoring it will most certainly not make it go away.  Poorly coordinated, knee-jerk responses with no planning or strategy are almost as bad as ignoring the situation.  

The good new is that a well-planned response by a team of people who have trained together and who follow an incident response plan, along with the necessary technical and crisis management assistance, can significantly reduce the overall damage impact that your organization will experience from the breach.

Effective response starts BEFORE the breach through the creation of an incident response team.  This team should include your organization’s senior management, security, IT Services, legal, HR and operations staff for each business line or division.  

The team should create an incident response plan (IRP) and test this plan through tabletop excercises, where each participant understands the role they must play according to the plan.  Changes to the plan should be made based on testing outcomes so that it better fits the organization.

Organizations should also understand any gaps that exist in their ability to respond and seek outside, expert help to close those gaps.  

Outside legal counsel specializing in cybersecuritycrisis management providers, and incident response firms are commonly retained to augment an organization’s capabilities in the event of a breach.

If a breach is declared, your organization should immediately notify the incident response team and follow the incident response plan.  Retained third-party support (legal and breach response partners) should be notified and engaged according to the plan.

During a breach, the most important factor to minimizing the impact is the time it takes to respond and recover.  The faster an organization can understand what occurred and how it happened, the quicker a fix for the root cause issues can be developed and executed.

When Beyond Computer Solutions is engaged, our team will work with you organization to understand what is known about the incident, develop plans that may involve the deployment of additional tools necessary to investigate and contain the incident, work with your organization to expel any attacker presence and eradicate any attacker tools that are found.

We will provide a detailed report of any findings associated with the incident response and assist in administrative tasks such as filing insurance claims and other reporting efforts.

Finally, we offer our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services once the breach has been resolved so that your organization can fill any gaps that led to the breach and allow our team to respond immediately should any future incidents occur.

Beyond Computer Solutions has responded to many different types of data breaches.  We have witnessed organizations, who had no plan or coordination, struggle to effectively recover, and we have provided the necessary crisis management and technical capabilities to fix these issue and get our clients back to normal operations as quickly as possible.



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Beyond Computer Solutions saved our organization from a potential catastrophe. Without their quick response, our entire organization could have been shut down. We are excited about our partnership with BCS and highly recommend them for staff augmentation, managed services, incident response, cyber security, and cloud strategy.

Macon Phillips, CARE USA -

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