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A Deeper Dive into the Impact of Downtime

It’s another busy work day when all of a sudden your server crashes and business applications go down. In that split second, email has stopped, conference calls are dropped, and your phones are no longer ringing. To top it all off, you have no idea when you’ll be able to get everything back up and running.


Success is Fragile

While we all know the cost of unplanned downtime is excruciatingly expensive at approximately $7,900 per minute, what we often forget is the other damage it causes that can’t be monetized but is even more devastating—destroyed confidence and loss of reputation. Today’s world is demanding and competitive—and all it takes is one missed call or failure to send one email reply before customers simply find someone else who can respond.


Timely, consistent communication between employees, customers, suppliers and partners is the backbone of your success. Losing email and Internet, for even one hour, greatly affects the likelihood of repeat business or referrals.


Availability is Everything

Never let downtime drive a wedge between you and those who need you most. Invest in a managed IT services provider to maximize uptime and keep the communication lines between you and your valued customers open. Contact us today to get a free assessment and learn more about how we can help you prevent downtime and keep your technology running more efficiently than ever before.