Financial IT Services

You Manage the Money.

We’ll Take on the Tech.

Financial services organizations of every size benefit when the right mix of software, servers and services supports their business. Customer satisfaction improves, internal and regulatory compliance increases, human error shrinks and profit grows.

The challenge is: who plans, implements and supports all that technology? Who keeps the servers running, the software upgraded, the users supported and trained? There’s no “one answer fits all” here. In some cases, that “who” is your internal IT team. In other cases, it’s an outsourced partner, managing hardware, software, and networks. In either case – to strengthen in-house capabilities and lower costs or establish a fully outsourced infrastructure – companies around the country turn to Beyond Computer Solutions’ banking and financial IT services.


Beyond Computer Solutions’ Financial IT Support has been helping financial services firms slash the cost of buying and managing technology.

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Banking IT Challenges

From retail banking to private wealth management and from CPAs to investment advisory firms, the IT profile of financial service providers is unique. Beyond Computer Solutions provides the experienced, committed expertise to establish the right mix of hardware, software and networks; delivering exceptional financial IT services for your financial or banking business.

Staying Connected

The velocity of data, the need to be connected to online business feeds and the demand for unbreakable security and backup require a level of scalability and performance few other businesses share.

Keeping Everything Up to Date

System administration is the hidden enemy behind every in-house infrastructure. That extends from the team that monitors your systems, to the people that help you analyze and act on the large amount of data you collect.

Escalating Costs

Operational budgets related to supporting IT infrastructure grow right alongside your business growth. The chronic need for increased storage, upgraded systems, and continually growing processing power can have a constant, significant impact on OPEX.

Keeping Customers Happy

Maintaining customer satisfaction is always the prime concern for financial services providers. When your technology comes face to face with your customers, it has to be running at peak performance all the time.

Benefits of Our Financial IT Services


Compliance with Increasing Government Regulations


Software Updates


Email Encryption


Help Desk Support and Assistance


Reduce Overall IT Costs


Prevent System Failures


Increase Security to Avoid Loss of Data


Manage Firewalls


Desktop Encryption


Helpdesk Support and Assistance


Perform Back-Ups


IT Strategy


Provide you Frequent Reports to Review our Process

Financial & Banking Software Support

Supported Accounting Software

Citrix„„  ·  Lacert  ·  Microsoft Dynamics/Great Plains/Solomon  · Microsoft Small Business Accounting  ·  NetSuite  ·  Peachtree Accounting  ·  ProSystems Engagement and Practice Management  ·  Prosystems FX  ·  QuickBooks  ·  Sage Software  ·  SaxTax

Supported Financial Software

„„Accpac Accounting  ·  Charles Schwab Portfolio Center/Centerpiece  ·  Exchange  ·  Microsoft Dynamics/Great Plains/Solomon  ·  Microsoft Small Business Accounting  ·  Peachtree Accounting  ·  QuickBooks  ·  SharePoint/EDM  ·  Trumpet

In House Solutions

Turn to Beyond Computer Solutions for the guidance and expertise that result in smart decisions and best-practice processes.


  • Solidify your disaster recovery strategies. We design the processes and purchase the systems that protect you and your critical data and files around the clock.
  • Deploy innovative, best-practice, firm-focused IT strategies and project planning. Reach your goals and objectives, and keep a tight rein on project costs and schedules.
  • Streamline software and hardware implementation and administration. We guide you to the most practical methodology for planning, executing, testing and maintaining your software.
  • Instill confidence through continual security auditing, threat assessment, and prevention and remediation. We make sure your data is safe from unwelcome eyes.
  • Build the best team to keep things up and running. We help you research and write job descriptions, and find the right people to fill those positions.

Outsourced Solutions

Turn to Beyond Computer Solutions to take on some or all of your IT challenges.


  • Deploy an expert IT strategy that establishes well researched and validated IT goals and objectives. Once established, those goals become a critical part of our SLA.
  • Experience the cost efficiencies of the Cloud, either on its own or as a hybrid solution. Beyond Computer Solutions will deploy the right architecture for your firm’s tech profile.
  • Ensure the optimal server environment by colocating your servers in our state-of-the-art datacenter or a data center provided by one of our Infrastructure or Platform as a Service (IaaS or PaaS) cloud solution partners.
  • Ensure the optimal server environment by colocating your servers in our state-of-the-art datacenter.
  • Maintain peak network performance without lag or latency. We’ll monitor the network 24/7/365.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance (state, local and federal) through continuous compliance audits and reporting.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of virtual environments such as VMware® and Hyper-V®. That’s a great way to lower costs and ensure scalability for growth.
  • Ensure that no event—natural or manmade—creates a loss of data. Our backup and disaster recovery systems ensure a rigorous and carefully monitored backup process.
  • Ensure your Internet voice infrastructure is operating flawlessly around the clock. We’ll procure, provision and manage your VoIP environment.


“BCS has really helped increase the amount of security on all of our computers. They block threats and we know our information is safe with BCS in charge of our IT.”