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Internet Service Consulting

We often hear from organizations that are unhappy with their internet connection. They come to us for help because of service interruptions, inconsistent internet speeds or recommendations for pricing from another service provider. 

As business technology experts, we are well qualified to help you review your current internet bill and network infrastructure to make recommendations on how to improve performance and save you money.  And here is the best part – We don’t charge you for the assessment, and if you make a switch to one of the dozens of internet service provider options we represent, you will get the same price as if you were to sign up directly with them.  

VOIP Telephone Solutions

Many businesses rely on specialized hardware for phone service.  This legacy phone system equipment, commonly known as a PBX, connects internal phone extensions to the public telephone network.  These PBXs are costly to setup and maintain.

Traditional phone systems have hidden costs that you might not expect. Here are a few:

* Installation fees: $8,000 to $20,000 for a new PBX phone system plus any cabling fees

* Maintenance contract: $1,500+ annually to maintain hardware. On-site service visits may not be included

There’s a better option called Voice Over IP (VOIP).

VOIP is a proven technology that allows you to place phone calls from any available internet connection.  With the rise of affordable internet service, VOIP has become the industry standard for business telephone systems.

Digital VOIP service has so much more to offer compared to traditional phone systems because it offers so many more features and capabilities over using analog phones.  And VOIP can offer all of this for less than half the cost!

VOIP Cloud phone service providers include powerful features such as auto/attendants (Virtual Receptionist), call recording, custom caller ID, voicemail to email and so much more.  Plus, you can take the calls from anywhere by using a mobile app on your smart device.

Here are some of the benefits of using VOIP:

* Lower Cost – Many consumers and businesses alike have realized substantial cost savings and lowered their phone bills by over 60%

* High Quality Sound – There’s a noticeable difference in the call quality, so the audio isn’t muffled or fuzzy

* Advanced features – Leverage premium features to run your company such as auto attendants, call recording and call queues.  They’re often included with VOIP phone service plans

* Remote-ready – Use your phone service wherever you have internet access, including your smart phone device

* Call anyone worldwide – International long distance rates are as low as $0.04 per minute to call Mexico or $0.01 to reach the United Kingdome.  Unlimited nationwide long distance is included

Unified Communications – Rather than using several different apps to collaborate, you can integrate your phone system and instant messaging into a single, unified platform.  This helps your team get work done faster with instant messaging, team chats, conference calling, mobile & desktop messaging apps, video chats and more!

Here’s how much VOIP typically costs:

* Initial costs: Phones are most often deeply discounted or FREE

* Monthly costs: $19-$30 per line depending on options

* Installation Fee: There may be fees to run data cables.  Sometimes a router or firewall is needed, but these one time costs are usually less than $1,500.00

Contact our experts at Beyond Computer Solutions so we can review your telephone and internet bill to make cost saving and feature rich recommendations today!



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