Is Unified Communications Right for Your Business? Your UC Checklist

Did you know that 95% of people in the workforce say that face-to-face interactions are essential to building long-term business relationships? If that’s true, why do so many businesses put up with traditional telecommunication systems? Unified communications is your go-to solution for improving real-time video conferencing and virtual face-to-face interactions. Whether you’re looking for a better telecom solution or have never considered UC; use this quick checklist to see if your business needs UC services.

  1. Is your team neglecting valuable leads during call-transfers?
  2. Are you buying multiple subscriptions for email, instant messenger, telephones and automated systems?
  3. Are you losing time sending files back-and-forth between internal and external team members?
  4. Are you missing out on nonverbal cues because you lack video conferencing capabilities?
  5. Is your team pointing fingers when it comes to a failed sell?
  6. Have you been told that your existing solution doesn’t sync with a new solution?
  7. Are you unhappy with the overall reliability of your current telecom solution?
  8. Do you have trouble keeping track of who is and isn’t on a call with a customer?
  9. Do you struggle to connect customers with the right expert the first time they call?
  10. Can you record customer conversations to help improve their experience?

Answered ‘Yes’ 1-2 Times: Your current solution looks pretty good, but for how long? Unified communications integrates your favorite platforms for a long-term solution that scales with your business.

Answered ‘Yes’ 3-6 Times: Not bad; but not great. You’ve got some work to do when it comes to providing seamless telecom experiences for your customers.

Answered ‘Yes’ 8-10 Times: Your business is in critical need of a better telecommunication solution. If you keep putting it off, you’ll not only be hurting your business, you’ll be ruining your customer relationships.

Whether you need minimal or maximum help, contact us today to learn more about UC and how our managed solutions help you solve your toughest telecom challenges.