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Keep Your IT New Year’s Resolution:

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Save Money, Time & Hassle with Managed Services

Sophisticated technology powers most of today’s businesses—large or small, across all industries. Tech innovations are happening so fast, it’s easy to fall behind the competition. But maintaining and managing an internal IT department does not come cheap, in dollars or resources. To the rescue? Managed services.

Grown far beyond the initial managed service provider offerings of warranties and maintenance agreements, the role of today’s MSP has morphed into trusted advisor and key partner in a company’s productivity and market edge.

The myriad of benefits gained and savings realized by outsourcing IT needs through a managed service provider are impressive. An MSP can help smaller businesses perform more like “the big guys” by providing access to the same type of technology and expertise previously reserved for larger companies.


Control Your IT Budget

The cost of maintaining IT internally is varied to say the least. Salaries, training, software investments, upgrades, repairs—the list goes on. Contracting an MSP for a fixed monthly fee means you have access to what you need when you need it, but at a controlled—and greatly reduced—cost.


Implement Up-to-Date Technology Quickly

New solutions in technology often result in increased productivity and revenue. MSPs are in the loop with the latest and greatest and are well equipped to advise options to move your business forward. While an in-house IT department may be too busy to implement innovations quickly or need additional training and support, an external IT resource can react immediately so benefits are realized sooner.


Increase Expertise

Qualified doesn’t necessarily equal the value of experienced. No matter how well versed an internal IT team, odds are they haven’t seen it all. Managed services providers are across-the-board experts in everything IT, making their advise, event response and results highly effective.


Minimize Downtime and Risk

From lost productivity to damaged customer relations, computer downtime can dramatically drain your business. Don’t put yourself in the position of a firefighter, trying to “put out” technology emergencies as they arise. MSP experts are constantly on the lookout for anything that might put a client’s IT environment at risk. They have the knowledge and tools to keep systems operating at full capacity, diagnose potential problems before they occur and quickly correct situations that arise.

Is your firewall up to date? If your company accepts credit cards, do you maintain PCI standards? MSPs can manage industry-specific security and compliance requirements to minimize risky situations and their associated costs.

An MSP will keep technology working in your best interest—a proven plus for your profitability. Even as a supplement to an internal IT team, managed services is the ultimate cost-effective and time-saving way to stay in control of your company’s technology so you can focus on the core business.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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