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Are you safe and secure in the cloud?

Has Your Rush to the Cloud Put You at Risk?

Your business has high demands, from keeping up with customers and clients to the meticulous daily tasks that ensure your business runs smoothly. Cloud delivers major benefits, including big boosts in productivity and efficiency, but these benefits could be at the expense of significant vulnerabilities. Too often, companies rush to get to the cloud, leaving basic security to be dealt with tomorrow, next week, or maybe never.


Without proper security in place, users are letting in viruses, surfing sites with malware and downloading corrupted files. This can potentially expose you to massive risks that you’ll be held responsible for.


The Top Cloud Culprits

InfoWorld from the Cloud Security Alliance has put together the top cloud threats of 2016, including:

• Data Breaches
• Hacked Interfaces and APIs
• Account Hijacking
• Denial of Service (Dos) Attacks
• Permanent Data Loss
• Compromised Credentials
• Exploited Systems
• Malicious Insider Attacks
• Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)
• Cloud Service Abuses


The Silver Lining

It’s pretty clear why security is regularly cited as the top barrier to cloud adaptation. The good news it, you don’t have to take on the treacherous landscape of cloud computing on your own. We’ll identify what your users are currently doing in the cloud, identify potential risks and recommend options for resolving any and all vulnerabilities.


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